XX_lifelines lyrics


we live in a society
in which everyone describes themselves as tolerant
but how tolerant are we really? 
are we really open to other ways of thinking
to other ways of thinking and lifestyles

we cyborg girls overcome boundaries
we cyborg girls allow new visions of the future
we cyborg girls are creatures in a new gender world
we cyborg girls

the transition between man and machine
is becoming more and more blurred
why do we stillbhold on to
the outdated views?
when will we come to the point where
everyone is treated equally
when everyone is treated as an individual?

live and let live
accept and agree
respect and tolerate
live and let let live
live and act accordingly

we cyborg girls are creatures in a new gender world
we cyborg girls define ourselves through affinity not identity
through affinity not identity
make a new gender world
let‘s be cyborg


in the beginning I only had a glimpse of you
you came into my life
waited nine long months while you were growing
unsure at first if you are safe
your black‘n‘white photo was shown everywhere
and I thought of you every day
couldn't wait until you were here
and you were on your way

you are so Beautiful
a blessing and a miracle
you are my greatest happiness
my love for you is unshakable
i just wanna give you everything you need for your life
i will always help you to be strong, self confident and safe.

you cried and laughed, you were sad and happy
you already learned so much in life
again and again you fell down, got up again
never gave up, went ahead in your wonderland
many times I have wondered about you
were surprised by you and your crazy ideas
now I see you in front of me and thank God that you‘re here

sleepless nights, tiredness, dirty home, tattered pants
worry and fear for you, helpless moments, being annoyed,
none of that is important, it has long been forgotten
nn a life with children, that's part of it, it's part of life yeah sure


to be
to show oneself outwards in the light
not conform to what is expected
show your true face
to be
to live your love pronounce it out
create connections
focus on what matters in your life.

behind the scenes
lies the truth
what really matters
love and reliability
live relationships

from today till tomorrow
it can be different
change of all your plans
what is important to you?

what is left, when the light goes out?
be yourself, inspire others
hold together with those you love 
and make every day a good one.


conflict of feelings

this disease changes everything
i cannot express how much i hate her
she took you away from me
even though you are still here.
of course i understand
and empathize with your situation
but it is so hard to take(get)/bear
that all has changed forever.

everything has become heavier and overshadows everything
this sucks and makes me so frustrated.

i am in a conflict of feelings
between today and yesterday
between your bad and good days
I am in a conflict of feelings
between reality and past
between reason and heart

my memories are fading
more and more so that I have to
actively remember
how it used to be

you were always there
you were there for me
i miss you
and the way you were


One Of You

i am one of, of you girls
i am like no other girl
loud, quiet, strong, empathic, lovely
funny, complicated, confused and best friend
i am all of this
and all, and all at the same time

i‘m a girl who wants to be loved and respected
wants to be taken seriously
wants to get hugged
wants to be treated like a gift

i‘m a girl who loves independence and freedom
loves to be in community
especially loves to spent time together.

now it’s finally out
whenever i want
i do what i want.


the turnaround began quietly
was hardly worth a headline
only a few recognized the danger to humanity
carefree and sure of victory all times
we have conquered everything and we can also deal with it

perplexed and hurt by this attack on our lives
we wonder what nature does to us
yesterday everything was still as always and okay
why is the world suddenly out of joint today?

the battle has begun
the thunder of guns can be heard from far away.
the army is on the run.
tries helplessly to delay
the total defeat, the looming doomsday
and the losses are high and painful
the enemy knows no mercy,
he strikes hard and relentlessly

atomic bomb, agent orange, burning oil and ddt
water consumption, whale hunt, extinction, exploitation
wars, pollution, plastic in the sea, co2 in the air, novichok and cyclone b
these are the chapters of past and present battles in this war that would be long ago
should we end our own acts of war if we want peace and survive?
we should stick together, human to human and human to nature
let's end this war today, end this war today.
human to human, human to nature, nature to human, come to peace

let's end this war today, carry on is no way
end this war today. Nothin left to say
human to human, human to nature, nature to human, come to peace

i wanna eat, i feel guilty
no more other thoughts,  i'm in the tunnel
don't wanna get out. i feel myself, i suffer
i can't do it, i have to do it.

they say i have to reach 80 pounds
they say my feet are off the ground
they instruct me against my will
they also think i’ll need some skill

everyone around me thinks I'm sick
i just feel fat and guilty when i eat
leave me alone, you don't understand
you don't want this, you don't want me

i need you now but let me be
i need your love, not your advice
don't take me away, leave me here
help me mom, where are you now?

Holy Or Witch

holy holy or witch
old white men know nothing else
holy holy or bitch
is how they judge about us women
holy holy or witch
either or, something else they don‘t know
holy holy or bitch
says the male power in this world

maria was a good girl, a virgin and so pure
magdalena on the other hand was declared a whore
the fate of famous women today and all the time 
is to be lifted to heaven or damned into hell

hildegard von bingen was a smart woman, yeah
she was curious, had own thoughts, loved medicine and theology
the old men suspected her and wanted to get rid of her
such a woman had no place in their patriarchal world

ladies have good and bad properties.
we do not need theseone-sided write-ups from men
women are humans and no projection area
let it be, this crude idiocy and see the women.
see us women, as we are

House On Fire

i got a big fat deal with a major company
they wanna get to know me right this morning yeah
oh my god, face in the mirror is disaster
there is a big fat pimple on my nose. Oh no

emergency, a blow of fate is punchin‘ me
my face is broken, can’t believe what I‘m seeing
can't leave the house, have to stay inside
no big deal, avoid the light, go back to bed and the
house is on fire

i heard aboutclimate change, wars and global famine
i mean it‘s tragic and dramatic, I admit
but take  a look at my huge nose disaster, nasty
why am I punished by this shit so very hard?

an angel comes and says
your nose is not the universe 
hurry up, you have to go
and close the big deal, stay on course 
just take a large bag, put it on and catch the swag
every single problem can be solved, just don‘t let catch your
house on fire


do something senseless! come on
do something wrong! Here we go
go to a place where you shouldn't be. oh no
buy something crazy that you don't need
speak on a topic that you have no idea about

have you done enough nonsense today?
have you made a fool of yourself today?
why not, hey why not? it helps to be a sucker
free your soul from seriousness and don't do everything right

please write a letter to someone you do not know.
ask him if he can guess how many times you've seen a rainbow?
but let him know that you don't have time for him
because you're busy writing letters - once again

be a fool, be so cool, make your world around you wonder
be a fool, be so cool, show everyone else how to do it
be a fool, be so cool, Carpe Diem, do it now
it should be done urgently now


Black Forest

one love never goes away
it‘s the love for home
that remains always and will ever be
black forest my true love

here are the mountains
here is the deep fir forest
here I find peace and power for everyday life
here is it quiet, here is the clean air
here is a piece of heaven on earth

here I am rooted
here is my real sweet home
here I appreciate the people who belong to me
here are my friends, you can count on them
here is my heart, here is my soul

it‘s like balm for my soul
when I come home I feel complete
this love will never end
home beloved home

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