toXXic tones are


Singer, bass player, uses Yamaha 4 strings bass, Ampeg Portabass 250, Shure sm 58, mother of 2 children, lives in the Black Forest, Southern Germany


Drummer, producer, uses Pearl masters mmx drums, Roland Vdrums,  Paiste cymbals,Pro Mark sticks, Cubase11 pro,  lives in a suburb of Stuttgart, Germany


guitar player, manager, uses PRS guitars, Peaveey 5150 amp, Tech21, TC electronics, Line6, lives in Stuttgart

toXXic tones was founded in November 2020. Lamié, Ennah and Beçovič played together in a band before several years ago and toXXic tones is the reunion of the 3 musicians. When making music, they don't need a lot of words to get together. They have known each other too long for that :-) toXXic tones are multi-instrumentalists and, when it comes to recording and producing music, they are self-taught.

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