in the beginning I only had a glimpse of you
you came into my life
waited nine long months while you were growing
unsure at first if you are safe
your black‘n‘white photo was shown everywhere
and I thought of you every day
couldn't wait until you were here
and you were on your way

you are so beautiful
a blessing and a miracle
you are my greatest happiness
my love for you is unshakable
i just wanna give you everything you need for your life
i will always help you to be strong, self confident and safe.

you cried and laughed, you were sad and happy
you already learned so much in life
again and again you fell down, got up again
never gave up, went ahead in your wonderland
many times I have wondered about you
were surprised by you and your crazy ideas
now I see you in front of me and thank God that you‘re here

sleepless nights, tiredness, dirty home, tattered pants
worry and fear for you, helpless moments, being annoyed,
none of that is important, it has long been forgotten
in a life with children, that's part of it, it's part of life yeah sure

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