Holy Or Witch

holy holy or witch
old white men know nothing else
holy holy or bitch
is how they judge about us women
holy holy or witch
either or, something else they don‘t know
holy holy or bitch
says the male power in this world

maria was a good girl, a virgin and so pure
magdalena on the other hand was declared a whore
the fate of famous women today and all the time 
is to be lifted to heaven or damned into hell

hildegard von bingen was a smart woman, yeah
she was curious, had own thoughts, loved medicine and theology
the old men suspected her and wanted to get rid of her
such a woman had no place in their patriarchal world

ladies have good and bad properties.
we do not need these one-sided write-ups from men
women are humans and no projection area
let it be, this crude idiocy and see the women.
see us women, as we are

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