House On Fire

i got a big fat deal with a major company
they wanna get to know me right this morning yeah
oh my god, face in the mirror is disaster
there is a big fat pimple on my nose. Oh no

emergency, a blow of fate is punchin‘ me
my face is broken, can’t believe what I‘m seeing
can't leave the house, have to stay inside
no big deal, avoid the light, go back to bed and the
house is on fire

i heard about climate change, wars and global famine
i mean it‘s tragic and dramatic, I admit
but take  a look at my huge nose disaster, nasty
why am I punished by this shit so very hard?

an angel comes and says
your nose is not the universe 
hurry up, you have to go
and close the big deal, stay on course 
just take a large bag, put it on and catch the swag
every single problem can be solved, just don‘t let catch your
house on fire

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