the turnaround began quietly
was hardly worth a headline
only a few recognized the danger to humanity
carefree and sure of victory all times
we have conquered everything and we can also deal with it

perplexed and hurt by this attack on our lives
we wonder what nature does to us
yesterday everything was still as always and okay
why is the world suddenly out of joint today?

the battle has begun
the thunder of guns can be heard from far away.
the army is on the run.
tries helplessly to delay
the total defeat, the looming doomsday
and the losses are high and painful
the enemy knows no mercy,
he strikes hard and relentlessly

atomic bomb, agent orange, burning oil and ddt
water consumption, whale hunt, extinction, exploitation
wars, pollution, plastic in the sea, co2 in the air, novichok and cyclone b
these are the chapters of past and present battles in this war that would be long ago
should we end our own acts of war if we want peace and survive?
we should stick together, human to human and human to nature
let's end this war today, end this war today.
human to human, human to nature, nature to human, come to peace

let's end this war today, carry on is no way
end this war today. Nothin left to say
human to human, human to nature, nature to human, come to peace

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