do something senseless! come on
do something wrong! Here we go
go to a place where you shouldn't be. Oh no
buy something crazy that you don't need
speak on a topic that you have no idea about

have you done enough nonsense today?
have you made a fool of yourself today?
why not, hey why not? it helps to be a sucker
free your soul from seriousness and don't do everything right

please write a letter to someone you do not know.
ask him if he can guess how many times you've seen a rainbow?
but let him know that you don't have time for him
because you're busy writing letters - once again

be a fool, be so cool, make your world around you wonder
be a fool, be so cool, show everyone else how to do it
be a fool, be so cool, carpe diem, do it now
it should be done urgently now

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